Professional Real Estate Photographer Dani Carretero specializes in getting your next listing shot and processed quickly, with a quality that makes every image stand out.


Hiring a Real Estate Photographer is the best way to grow your real estate business, attract more clients, foster higher client engagement, and get your listings sold faster and for more money.


Based in Palm Beach County, with over 20 years of professional experience, Dani Carretero brings the creative and technical expertise you can trust to market your next listing. I am an expert visual communicator, who know how to create these connections for you through some of the best communication mediums ever created: photo and video.


As a Professional Real Estate Photographer, I understand the importance of treating your clients and their property with the highest degree of attention and respect. I represent not only my reputation but also that of your client’s confidence in our ability to sell their home. I take this responsibility to heart and guarantee a professional and creative experience from the first phone call through the final delivery.