because I want to show the love within…

I tell stories of every special event of a life through documentary photography, capturing life as it really is, maintaining its spontaneity. Photography that transmits the emotions in all their purity, and that is the perfect channel through which to immortalize the happiest moments of life: births, newborns, family gatherings, engagements, weddings, honeymoons, and pregnancies, thus completing the life cycle.


Based in Palm Beach County, I cover events in the United States and Europe. I started my career in Spain, shooting weddings in many other European countries such as Italy, England, France, Malta, Portugal, Germany, and Holland. I am a third-generation photographer – I grew up playing with camera rolls with my father. When I was 12 I had my first camera, and with 20 I shot my first solo wedding.


I love what I do. My profession allows me to play and experiment every day, that makes me happy, gives me an interesting life, and has been part of me since I was born.